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Hathor Organics

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine Oil

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Embrace the Enchantment: Discover Hathor Organics' Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil was valued in ancient Egypt for its aromatic and symbolic importance. Used in perfumes, cosmetics, and religious ceremonies, its sweet scent was associated with euphoria and relaxation. Additionally, jasmine symbolized love, beauty, and spirituality in Egyptian culture.  Indulge your senses and uplift your spirit with Hathor Organics' jasmine oil, a captivating fragrance extracted from the delicate petals of the jasmine flower. 

Unwind and Relax: Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of jasmine's sweet, floral scent. Studies suggest it may help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote restful sleep, creating a sense of tranquility and inner peace.

Uplift and Energize: Let the subtle yet intoxicating aroma of jasmine invigorate your mind and spirit. Jasmine oil may help boost mood, enhance focus, and promote feelings of optimism, leaving you feeling revitalized and ready to take on the day.

Embrace Sensuality: Experience the romantic and alluring essence of jasmine, known as an aphrodisiac in many cultures. Its delicate scent adds a touch of sensuality and can enhance intimacy and emotional connection.

Serious Skin Savior:

  • Anti-inflammatory: Jasmine oil for skin is an excellent choice regardless of skin type. Jasmine calms inflammation, itching, and dry skin without causing acne or any infection.
  • Antiseptic Hero: Jasmin oil is an antiseptic agent and has antimicrobial properties. Not only is this oil moisturizing with a fantastic fragrance, but it also has anti-aging benefits as it slows down the appearance of fine lines.
  • Brightening and Whitening: You can use jasmine oil for skin whitening, it steadily lightens acne scars while removing dark spots, whether it is mixed in makeup primer or conjunction with foundation.
  • Beyond Fragrance: Discover the potential therapeutic benefits of jasmine oil, often used in aromatherapy for:

    • Reducing headaches and migraines
    • Easing muscle tension and promoting relaxation
    • Supporting respiratory health
    • Nourishes hair and  effective in treating lice and scalp infections

Experience the Versatility:

    • Diffuser: Fill your home with the captivating aroma of jasmine using an essential oil diffuser.
    • Bath & Shower: Add a few drops to your bath or shower for a luxurious and relaxing experience.
    • Massage: Combine with a carrier oil for a calming and aromatic massage.
    • DIY Beauty: Enhance your homemade skincare products with a touch of jasmine's delicate fragrance.


    • Always dilute jasmine oil with a carrier oil before topical application.
    • Perform a patch test before using on sensitive skin.
    • Consult a healthcare professional before using if pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any underlying health conditions.

Embrace the enchanting world of Hathor Organics' Jasmine Oil. Explore its calming, uplifting, and potentially therapeutic properties to enhance your well-being and create a truly sensory experience.

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